April 01, 2013

Mixed feelings.

I don't even know what to write, how to express what I'm feeling.

House is a little chaotic right now, everything everywhere, out of place, on its way to a suitcase, laundry drying, empty spaces of the furniture and appliances we've sold so far.
Boxes being taken out, labeled and packed, suitcases completed and stored in a room. Closet getting emptier and emptier.
Deciding what to take and what to leave behind is hard for me. I know I should be putting a lot more hours into the packing and cleaning so I don't have to do it rushing at the end. And I'm not procrastinating... is just that I can't bring myself to pack and choose because it means the end of this life.
I know it's being hard on both of us, it's being difficult to say good bye, to let go. I'm trying to enjoy everything the best I can... the last mornings in our place and the sun getting in through the window.
Having less and less food in the fridge and pantry is also hard. Posting your furniture on line for sale is hard. We sold the couch and the coffee table over the weekend, there is a big clear space in the living room now filled with odd things.

We still have to go through some logistics on how to ship, pack, etc... some things... I'm stressed.

And sad.

See you soon, S.


  1. Smile.. it will all be worth it when you have your family around more often. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I have not been around much at all but just dropped in to your Blog to read you are going through so much change. (My own life situation is pretty uncertain right now too). Shanti I am sure you will be happy or even happier when you get settled. You are a person who makes the very best of things and you view life with gratitude in your heart. Much love to you at this time. As long as you have your hook and some yarn...everything will be just fine. (((Hugs))) xxx


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